Gallium metal

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gallium metal

Product Details
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  • Model Number:Gallium-001
  • ApplicationElectronics
  • Shape:Ingot
  • Material:Gallium
  • Dimensions:99.99%
  • Chemical Composition:Gallium metal
  • Product name:gallium metal
  • Formula:Ga
  • Main content:99.99%
  • CAS No:7440-55-3
  • Appearance:Silver White Metal
  • Density: 5.904 gm/cc
  • Stability:Insoluble in water, moderately
  • Molecular Weight:157.25
  • Melting point:2,400° C
  • Electronegativity:1.6
  • EINECS #:231-163-8
  • Atomic number: 31
  • Atomic Weight:69.737


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